Easy baked apple!

This baked apple is very easy to make! If you don’t have enough time, I recommend to use a microwave.

Dig out 1/3 on the apple with a small knife. Put 1 tsp raisin, 1 tbsp granulated sugar,pinch of cinnamon powder and 10g  unsalted butter in an apple in order.

Put the apple on a heat- resistant dish and cover it with plastic film. Heat it with microwave for 5 minutes. Be careful not to be burn!

焼きりんご そのまま

Homemade corn soup!

Corn is in season in Japan. I love to eat ‘Corn on the cob’ , but I made  delicious corn soup last night! It was a hard work a little. Because it was necessary to strain using a strainer. It was incredibly delicious. It made me happy!




Shrimp Gyoza!

I made some trial cooking . It was called Gyoza. Gyoza(dumplings stuffed with mince pork and vegetables ) usually use meat,but I chose shrimps this time. Looks nice and good texture!


Red Shiso Juice!

I made Red shiso juice today. It is a seasonal thing in Japan. I added to make it rice vinegar. It makes to change the color from black to purple! It is so beautiful!

I love it! Because it is one of my mother’s taste!!!


赤しそ汁赤しそ汁 酢